Best English To French Translation 2021

If you want to translate any text from English To French then this French translation tool will be very useful for you. Best English to French Translation

English To French Translation Tool

French To English

How To Converter English To French

To translate from English to French, follow the steps given below.

1. First of all, click on the first box and type any English word in it.
2. Then press the Translate in French button.
3. Then you will get the output in French of what is written on you in the second box.
4. To copy the text, press the “Copy” button.

Features of English To French Translation Tool

You get some simple features in it which you can use easily.

1. In this you get the option of copy text. With its help, you can copy the translated text from English to French.
2. In this you get the option of “Clear”, with the help of this you can clear the text box.
3. In this you get a character counter, whenever you write a word, it will tell you how many words you have written above.
4. And you get a translate button in it, with the help of this button you can translate from English to French.

English To French Translation Sentences

English French
How are you?Comment ça va ? / Comment allez-vous ?
How do you say that in French?Comment dire ça en français?
Thank you so muchMerci beaucou
I’m sorryJe suis désolé
I’m good, thanksÇa va bien, merci
What are you plans this weekend?Quels sont vos plans ce week-end ?
Excuse meExcusez-moi
I don’t knowJe ne sais pas
What’s new?Quoi de neuf?
I am AmericanJe suis américain
I enjoyed speaking with youJ’ai beaucoup aimé parler avec vous
Tell me what you thinkDites-moi ce que vous pensez
You are FrenchVous êtes français / Vous êtes française.
I’ll be right backJe reviens tout de suite!
Don’t worry!Ne vous inquiétez pas!
What’s your name?Comment t’appelles-tu
That’s a good questionC’est une bonne question
We live in the United StatesOn habite aux Etats-Unis. / Nous habitons aux Etas-Unis.
How do you do?Comment allez-vous?
I’m fine, thank you.Ca va, merci
You speak English wellVous parlez bien anglais
Do you speak French?Parlez-vous français?
No, I don’t speak FrenchNon, je ne parle pas français
It’s really nice to meet youC’est un plaisir de faire votre connaissance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Translate From English To French?

Yes. To translate from English To French visit the link.

Which is The Best Tool To Translate English Into French?

If we search in Google, then we get many online translation tools. But we are telling you the names of the best free online translation tools below. The online tools mentioned below are widely used. You can rely on these tools.

1. Google Translate
2. Yandex Translate
3. Bing Microsoft Translator

Is This Translation Free?

It is absolutely free to translate from English to the French language, you can easily translate any English text into the French language. But you will get to translate only 1000 characters at a time.

Why is The Translated Text Not Accurate?

Artificial intelligence programs cannot understand the human language easily, that is why many times you translate from English to the French language, some translations are missed. Google is working on it to fix this.

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