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If you’re also looking for invisible text, Blank Text Message, this tool will help you. This tool allows you to create invisible text, which can surprise your girlfriend or friends.

How To Send a Blank Text Message

If you want to send an invisible text to someone, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Copy Button

Click the button below to copy an invisible text to your clipboard. If this doesn’t work on your device, use Step 2.

Step 2 – Copy Manually

With this method, you can select empty characters with the help of the Select button. And then you can easily copy it to your clipboard. At the bottom of the box, you will find the select button.

Check it is working or not

Now we can check, your invisible text is copied in steps 1-2. Paste the copied text into the box below the Characters counter will tell you how many texts you have pasted.

Characters: 0

What is Empty Text?

Characters that appear as spaces or invisible characters are actually Unicode characters. Like when you press the space button, it gets some space, it is because of Unicode.

What is Unicode

Unicode provides a special number for each letter, irrespective of computer platform, program, or any language, computer, basically, belongs to numbers. All languages have a different Unicode. You can go to Wikipedia Unicode for more information.

Unicode Invisible Character

U+2000&#8192En Quad[ ]
U+2001&#8193Em Quad[ ]
U+2002&#8194En Space[ ]
U+2003&#8195Em Space[ ]
U+2004&#8196Three-Per-Em Space[ ]
U+2005&#8197Four-Per-Em Space[ ]
U+2006&#8198Six-Per-Em Space[ ]
U+2007&#8199Figure Space[ ]
U+2008&#8200Punctuation Space[ ]
U+2009&#8201Thin Space[ ]
U+00A0&#160No-Break Space[ ]
U+0020&#32Space[ ]
U+205F&#8287Medium Mathematical Space[ ]
U+2028&#8232Line Separator[]
U+200A&#8202Hair Space[ ]
U+3000&#12288Ideographic Space[ ]

Sending an Empty Message in WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp, you will know that WhatsApp does not allow us to send empty messages using spaces. Now it won’t happen that you can send a Blank Text Message to anyone by following the steps that are mentioned above.

I’m telling you the screenshot of the chart between me and my girlfriend below. This way you can have fun.

Blank Text Message | Invisible Text Generator | Invisible Character Copy Paste
Invisible Text WhatsApp Chart

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

How do I type an invisible character?

Go to this link to type the invisible character, you will get all the information that the Blank Text Message.


Can you tell us in the comment box that you Blank Text Message | How did Invisible Text Generator feel? If you want to give us any suggestions that there is a problem with this tool, please tell us in the comment box.

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